A challenging place for rock climbers

A challenging place for rock climbers

As a sharp rocky forest, Tsingy de Bemaraha in Madagascar is a challenging destination for the rock climbers.

Where visitors climb a razor-sharp rock

Staring at the sharp, erect stone slabs surrounding it, it is easy to understand why locals call them Tsingy (National Park name in Madagascar). This word means “where people cannot walk” in Malagasy.

Tsingy spent a long time in the shape of today and many other factors that make it a strange world. Not only the terrain of sharp karst limestone pinnacles, just thinking of climbing up here is enough to scare many tourists.

A world heritage site

Madagascar’s Tsingy de Bemaraha national park, which covers 1,500 square kilometers, is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. This is also one of the most inaccessible heritage in the world.

A challenging place for rock climbers

The sharp stone towers were still hard to reach until the 1990s, when Jean-Claude Dobrill, a French explorer founded the Antsika Association (Antsika means “together” in Malagasy), organized to help preserve the natural resources here.

A challenge to conquer

With the help of the local people, the association built bridges, steel cables, ladders, pegs … so that people could move through dangerous terrain areas. At the same time, the organization also trained local guides on how to climb, safety skills and usage of the equipment. Nine years after the founding of Antsika, Tsing de Bemaraha became the most adventurous tourist destination in Madagascar.

Currently, amateur climbers can climb safely to the top of the pinnacles in Tsingy, but it is still not easy to enter the national park.

The view from above the bridges and points of view helps people to see the whole plateau stretching under the sharp limestone forest. Coming and conquering Tsingy de Bermaraha is an arduous journey, but it is worth it to spend some time, especially those who love adventure.