Basic guide on rock climbing

Basic guide on rock climbing

Below are 4 basic steps sequentially to start rock climbing.

Step 1: Find a guide

The first thing to do is find yourself a professional instructor. Many people often ask their friends, but you can also choose a professional coach to teach you the basics.

Step 2: Choose a suitable mountain type

There are many different forms of rock climbing, each with appropriate training equipment and methods. If you are a beginner, try climbing indoor climbing, climbing rock blocks (bouldering) or climbing outdoors with a top-rope anchor.

Step 3: Equip for climbing

If you start climbing in the gym or with the coach, the necessary equipment will usually be available. Some gyms or guides may ask you to buy some equipment. And finally, you’ll buy a complete climbing kit yourself.

Tips: Always check equipment before climbing – whether it’s your device or a rental. Regular use will certainly cause some tear. The advantage of buying your own device is that you know its usage status.

Basic guide on rock climbing

Things needed for a common rock climbing include mountain climbing outfit, rock climbing shoes, helmet, protective belts, specialized chalk, climbing hook, braking device, climbing rope, and other protective equipments. 

Step 4: Choose the appropriate climbing bow

The Yosemite decimal system is used to assess the difficulty of sports climbing routes, with the easiest level being 5.0 and the most difficult being 5.15. In general, easy climbing routes will be assessed between 5.01 and 5.05.

As a beginner, you won’t know how to use these equipments. Understand what they are and learn how to use them, which will help you become a better climber.