Climbing to Kilimanjaro mountain

Mountain climbing is an extreme and challenging sport. Usually, people will think of Mount Everest as the most popular place. However, there is a very special mountain, anyone who wants to climb this place must pay an amount up to nearly 10000 USD. Sound really unbelievable?

Normally the entrance fees are not too expensive, but this African mountain is the opposite. This mountain is called Kilimanjaro, an area of ​​756 km2, located northeast of Tanzania, a peak of 5895 m above sea level – the highest point in Africa. In particular, there are 3 small volcanoes that have been turned off, namely Kibo, Mawensi and Shila.

Mount Kilimanjaro is quite steep toward the plains below, with a characteristic volcanic curve. The plain here is also 900 m above sea level, the mountain peaks are covered with ice all year round and there is a serious glacial phenomenon. Although the volcano has stopped working, no one knows when it will suddenly erupt.

With such impressive height, Kilimanjaro is known as the “roof of Africa”. Moreover, this mountain has an important position like a god in Africa, it is very sacred in the minds of local people.

Kilimanjaro is surrounded by forests and many mammal species, many of which are endangered. But what makes people most impressed is that the scenery here is very beautiful, no matter what season of the year you can admire. The constantly changing scenery creates a very unique beauty for this place, that is why many people want to conquer.
To climb Mount Kilimanjaro is not easy, visitors must first ask the local authority for permission, and after passing, they will have to deposit an amount of money. Since this mountain is strictly controlled and the danger level is also high, a professional guide is always required.

It is worth mentioning that this mountain is not as easy to climb as expected, although not as high as Mount Everest, but it is very difficult to climb. Each year about 500,000 people come here, many people give up, even die. Despite the danger, but still many people patiently waiting to conquer this mountain.