Conquer the most majestic mountains in Europe

Conquer the most majestic mountains in Europe

Do you want to conquer the majestic mountains in Europe to challenge yourself? Here are some of the most spectacular rock climbing spots in Europe you need to explore!

Ailefroide, Écrins, France

Want to try more adventurous routes? A 4000-meter high peak in the Écrins area of ​​the French Alps is the choice you are looking for. With a vertical mountain peak, you will have to prepare to have a firm psychology status and practice beforehand to conquer the summit.

Llanberis Pass, Snowdon

Llanberis Pass runs winding along Snowdon’s northern flank, Britain’s most historic climbing area. The outdoor centers near Capel Curig offer mountain climbing courses that will introduce highly qualified teachers. A 5-day course is available for those who have experienced climbing will cost £650 including accommodation.

Siurana, Catalonia, Spain

Catalonia is one of the world’s best climbing areas. It is also one of the most challenging rock climbing spots. One of the region’s historic, diverse and beautiful climbing spots is Siurana, which is a collection of honey-colored cliffs and open ravines that surround the village with the same name at the top of the hill.

Västervik, Sweden

About 4 hours driving to the south of Sweden, Västervik is quite an interesting place for rock climbers. There are granite stones around this area along with the scenery of coastal coves, small islands, and forests. There are courses available at Västervik for beginners or high-level rock climbers. A two-day climbing course costs £130.

San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily

If you have experienced outdoor climbing in the UK or elsewhere, the limestone cliffs around the  San Vito Lo Capo peninsula, the tip of northwestern Sicily is a must-visit place. At the top of Montegallo’s castle overlooking the deserted beach of Cofano Bay, an impressive climbing area has been set up. You can spend your holidays swimming, hiking in the Zingaro nature reserve.