Steps to prepare climbing luggage

Climbing requires health, endurance and physical strength, so the appropriate calculation of luggage to carry is an important factor. Check out the following effective luggage arrangements:

Sorted by groups

If you are interested in climbing, you need to prepare the necessary equipment according to the terrain conditions, weather, length of the trip, corresponding to each type of backpack, shoes, shirt, sleeping bag, tent. .. Therefore, you should sort items into separate groups to avoid confusion and save time in sorting.

Make a description sheet

You should make a table describing the functions and weight of similarly shaped items. Fill in your phone with a brief description of where your belongings are to look, function, and where. This will help you quickly decide between two similar tools.

Equipment scales

To minimize the weight to carry, you should weigh the luggage before arranging. Although the manufacturer has a weight rating on each tool, you can rebalance the device with the smallest unit of measurement to effectively lighten luggage.

Make a list

With the packing list, you can avoid carrying unnecessary items due to psychological anxiety. Please carefully refer to where you are going to go and make a list of things to note to avoid missing items.

Enter the device weight

Entering the device weight on the list will help you determine the exact weight of your baggage so you can actively buy more checked baggage at the airport if needed. If you’re on the road, this will help make your backpack arrangements more streamlined.

Get knowledge

You should regularly refer to the experiences of previous ones. Get the basics of being able to carry the most suitable equipment.

However, no one knows yourself better than you, so you need to be clear about what you want to figure out the best way to pack. Carrying light luggage will help you feel comfortable and less effortless, especially with a hard climb