The attraction of 9 most dangerous rock mountains in the world (Part 1)

In these tourist destinations, you only need to have a little chance to face death immediately.

Everest is always on the list of top deadly destinations. The “death zone” of the world’s tallest mountain is over 8,000m, which is especially dangerous because of the very low oxygen level and atmospheric pressure.

Over the years, altitude shock, cold burns, and erratic weather changes on the thousand-year-old snow mountain have become the cause of more than 200 deaths when conquering the roof of the world. But the peak tourist season is still stuck on the mountain peak, 11 people peaked in the week before climbing from Nepal.

Hawksbill Crag is famous in the climbing community in the US because from here, you can zoom in on the majestic mountains. Want to conquer craggy cliffs, you must cross the forest road, streams are not easy. Yet Glenn Wheeler, Newton County Sheriff, says he receives 5-10 calls every year for people who fall or injure themselves while hiking, sometimes tripping or falling while taking photos on. Cliff.

A spokesman for the Grand Canyon National Park revealed that about 12 people die each year while exploring the famous canyon. Of those, two or three died from a fall on a cliff. Other causes of death include heat, drowning, traffic accidents and suicide. This gorge was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1979, is one of the places that travelers desire to visit once in their lifetime.

Yungas in Bolivia is known as the “road of death” with an estimated 200-300 people dying each year while driving here. This route is about 60 km long, connecting the city of La Paz and the Yungas region, on one side is the beautiful mountain range. Riding here, you will see a series of crosses on both sides of the road, to commemorate the visitors have died on this road.