The attraction of 9 most dangerous destinations in the world (Part 2)

The Precipice Trail of Acadia National Park (USA) challenges professional climbers to conquer nature. The road is relatively short, but the cliff is steep, the stone path is smooth and natural, there is no insurance line to force you to focus, carefully step by step. Despite the warning, Acadia statistically still welcomed more than 3.5 million visitors in 2017.

Eagle’s Nest Cave (USA) is called “Everest under the ocean”, in the top 3 most complex and challenging dive sites in the world. Viewed from above, the water surface is calm and clear, but it has a depth of more than 90m with dangerous niches, requiring divers to be good technically and fully equipped with equipment.

Mont Blanc (France) is the highest mountain in the Alpes and Western Europe. The scenic climbing palace has grown, run by many travel companies, making it difficult to control the amount of tourists. In 2012, more than 100 people died here, making it one of the most dangerous peaks in the world.

The temperature in The Maze (Canyonlands National Park in the US) can reach 43 degrees Celsius, and rescue can take 3 days to find the lost person in the middle of this matrix-like setting. However, each year the resort still attracts more than 2,000 professional climbers.

Hiking on the mountain of Hoa Son (China) is nicknamed as “Stairway to heaven, hell just one step away”, “The most dangerous trail on the planet”, “The wooden plank path in the sky “… Tourists walk through thin boards bolted to the ridge at an altitude of 2,133m. But many people think that this place is not really dangerous because you have to wear a seat belt when participating in tours. It is only difficult for those who are afraid of heights. That’s why every year, tens of thousands of people flock to to the rock mountains to challenge themselves.