The first person to successfully climb a 900-meter vertical rock


Forget the fear and apply all your skills, a young climber recently conquered a 900-meter high rock without carrying protective equipment.

The man conquered the 900 m high mountain by hand is Alex Honnold, who is currently the first person to conquer the summit of El Capitan, Yosemite National Park, California, USA (about 900 meters high, in the US) without any protective equipment.

The American climbers only needed 4 hours to get to the top of El Capitan without any protective equipment. What he did was to choose the correct place and try to forget the fear.

Alex said conquering El Capitan with his bare hands was his goal for nearly a decade. Every year, he finds this dream increasingly difficult to implement. However, 2 years ago, he was determined to pursue this tough challenge.

He began practicing El Capitan climbing practice with protective equipment, trying to remember each spot as well as how to move the body. After 2 years, recently, Alex dared to remove all kinds of wires on his body to climb his arms.

The first person to successfully climb a 900-meter vertical rock

Previously, in 2014, Alex also attracted attention when conquering El Sendero Luminoso (Mexico) within 3 hours.

The climber from the US now lives in a truck to be able to easily travel across the country and perform a passion for climbing. He said the biggest challenge for me was to overcome fear.

However, not everyone who applies Alex’s secret also achieves his goal. Some professional climbers like Michael Reardon and Dean Potter also plan to climb El Capitan with their bare hands, but they have unfortunately died in the process of conquering other challenges.

Daredevil boy does not climb rock In 2014, Alex Honnold surprised many people when successfully climbing Mount El Sendero Luminoso (Mexico) without any protective equipment.

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