The Great Arches for rock climbing in America

The Great Arches for rock climbing in America

If you have the opportunity to go to the United States, you should go to the vast West, visit the majestic national parks. Arches Park in Utah left me with many emotions.

Beautiful view

Visitors to Arches often stay at Moab, a small town with the majority of services for tourists concentrated on the main road. Accommodation here is mostly a motel with two-storey blocks surrounding a large yard for parking for guests.

The landscape on both sides of the road is as beautiful as a picture with red rock formations full of shapes, towering in the plain of arid desolation stretching to the horizon. If you are a fan of American cinema, this wonderful scenery will become familiar as it used to be the set of dozens of popular films like Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, etc

The majestic Arches

In order to discover the beauty of Arches, you must be in good health to climb and walk forest paths. With an area of ​​up to 310 km², Arches includes many areas for visitors to spend weeks exploring.

The Great Arches for rock climbing in America

Compared to other national parks, Arches’ infrastructure is quite unspoiled. There is almost no climbing road system, only marked with pebbles, stones and twigs to signal aisles at the turn. Along the way, we often caught rabbits with light gray fur in the grass.

Over millions of years, wind and rain have eroded cliffs, creating more than 2,000 sandstone domes scattered throughout the park, creating spectacular landscapes.

The most interesting is that the dome is high above, we have to climb a long way to get there. At that time, the dome opened in front of it to create a natural window for visitors to see and look down at the immense scenery below, to receive a cool breeze as a reward for the mountain climbing effort.