The highest peaks on the planet and continents

The rooftop of the world – Mount Everest is 8,848m high

Mount Everest was conquered in 1953 by two climbers Edmund Hillary (New Zealand) and Tenzing Norgay (Nepal). To this day, this peak is still an attractive challenge for those who like to conquer the peak.

The roof of America – Peak Aconcagua is 6,959m high

Mount Aconcagua is located on the longest mountain range in the world Andes in Mendoza province in Argentina. It is the peak of the Americas with a height of 6,959m above sea level. This peak was first conquered in 1897 by Swiss Matthias Zurbriggen.

The roof of the Black Continent – Kilimanjaro Peak 5.895m high

Mount Kilimanjaro is not located in a mountain system (mountain range). It is an independent mountain located in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro has a height of 5,895m above sea level. People set foot on this mountain in 1889. They were Hans Meyer and Yohanas Kinyala Lauwo.

The roof of the Old Continent – High Elbrus Peak 5,642m

Elbrus peak is located on a Caucasus mountain range. It cuts across the Asian continent – u divide this continent into two continents: Asia and Europe. The highest part of this mountain range lies in the territory of the Russian Federation, part of Europe. This mountain peak is 5,642m above sea level. The first person to conquer this mountain was a native Kilav Khachirov in 1829.

The roof of Antarctica – the peak of Vinson Massif 4.892m high

Mount Vinson Massif is 1200km from the South Pole of the Earth. This mountain peak is 4,892m above sea level. This peak was conquered by American climber Nicholas Clinch along with his team in 1966.

The roof of Australia – Kosciuszko Peak 2,228m high

Kosciuszko peak is 2,228m above sea level. This mountain has no rivals in Australia. It is located in Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales, Australia. In 1840, PaweĊ‚ Edmund Strzelecki became the first person to conquer this peak.