The most conquered mountains in the world (Part 1)

1. Eiger, Switzerland:

This mountain peak is 3,970 m above sea level. It was first conquered in 1858. However, in 1938 this mountain was conquered on the northern side. This north face is also known as “Murder Wall”. 64 climbers died when trying to conquer it.

2. Annapurna, Nepal:

In Sanskrit, Annapurna means “Goddess of harvest”. This is the 10th highest peak in the world with a height of 8091 m. There were 157 climbers trying to conquer the summit, but 60 people were killed when implementing that ideal. The southern mountain face is the most difficult place to climb in Annapurna. in 1970, it was first conquered.

3. K2, Pakistan – China border:

K2 is considered the second highest peak in the world. Its altitude is 8,611 m. No climber dares to venture into this mountain in the winter because it has a rugged terrain with steep, slippery slopes. up to several days, so it is also called “Savage Mountain”.

4. Mont Blanc, the French-Italian border:

Although only 4,810 m tall, Mont Blanc has taken the lives of nearly 8,000 people who want to conquer it. Every year, about 20,000 tourists come here. NGpnj this mountain belongs to the owner of France and Italy. In 1808, Marie Paradis was the first female climber to set foot on the top of this mountain.

5. Nanga Parbat, Pakistan:

Nanga Parbat is the ninth highest mountain in the world with an altitude of 8,125 m. No one dared to explore it in the winter. This mountain is called “cannibal” or “Devil’s Mountain”. Because it caused many climbers to die.