Things to Look for in Climbing Shoes (part 1)

Consider the climbing types that you plan to do to discover what is crucial to help you select your perfect climbing shoes.

1. Climbing Shoe Types

– Sport

For your sport climbing, your piece of footwear should come with one stiff midsole, decent edging platform, one tight heel cup, as well as ideally one lace closure. The stiff shoe that has a moderate downturn should make scaling vertical climbs easier.


Your most terrific performers may be either all-around or flat non-aggressive shoes. As you will be likely to do plenty of jamming in cracks, your ideal shoe should come with laces, a relaxed fit, as well as one stiff midsole and provide you with robust ankle protection at the same time. It also needs to have ideally no heel/ toe rubber. Yet, if you often steep routes or do more challenging, you might favor a more downturn.

– Bouldering

This footwear is not made to be comfortable. Instead, it helps you climb on any steep terrain and be sure that you can stick to a heel hook, toe hook, and tiny cuts. It will feature one hybrid closure, rounded heel cups covered with rubber, a substantial toe rubber amount, and an aggressive downturn. Plus, they should have high sensitivity for helping to feel the rocks.

2. Downturn: Moderate, Flat, or Aggressive

It is among the essential features that you need to think about before you decide what should be your best fit. Downturn defines the curve amount in a shoe’s sole and will be referred to as aggressive, flat, or moderate. Flat shoes should be your choice if you climb on vertical terrain. Due to the curve seen in the aggressive footwear, the feet cannot rest in the natural position, yet you will get an advantage when you pull on edges.