Things to Look for in Climbing Shoes (part 3)

5. Sizing and Fit

For the answer, it is that they had better fit pretty snugly, yet not be unbearable. The climbers who are more experienced may be willing to get uncomfortable in their footwear if it allows them to do better when climbing. When you are new to climbing, think about checking out some good shoes for rock climbing for beginners, as you will not want the initial discomfort that can turn you off to your sport. Also bear in mind that several shoes will stretch while others will not.

6. Soft vs. Stiff

Though stiffness is considered a big deal, it is also one based on your preference. Typically new climbers prefer a pair of shoes that are stiffer since they offer better support for their foot. If you are among those with stronger feet, you may want one softer shoe as it tends to be more sensitive as well as flexible.

7. Men’s vs. Women’s

We suggest you do not be overly concerned about whether your footwear is classified as women’s or men’s. Some men wear climbing shoes of women and vice versa. Typically shoes for men are wider, and those for women are more narrow, yet today a lot of shoes are unisex. Thus, rather than looking for the most fantastic women’s rock climbing footwear, it is all about realizing what will work best on your feet no matter who it is marketed to.

8. Outdoor vs. Indoor Climbing

Regarding shoes, where you climb has to do with what your priorities should be. For indoor climbers who are new to the sport or someone who is training for the outdoors, your focus should be on one cost-effective shoe which is comfortable. For outdoors, it is where you should rely on the more pricey, durable, and high-performance shoes.