Things to Look for in Climbing Shoes (part 6)

9. Reviews of Best Climbing Shoes

Butora Acro

Closure: Slipper/Velcro

Upper: Leather/synthetic

Downturn: Aggressive

You see, NEO Fuse sticky rubber is loved for being the covering for these shoes that have been named as the best rock climbing footwear for bouldering. The Butora Acro delivers a super comfy feel and is an aggressive shoe as well. It is equipped with midsoles that are ABS injected to help maintain the downturn. Also, the rubber toe patch works to increase sensitivity and grip as you’re toe hooking. For ensuring you have every power you need, the great high-tension heel rand comes in the product. If you are struggling to find shoes which fit you well, consider this Butora Acro shoe with the adjustable triple fork closure for the perfect fit provided while you can still get the shoe off and on. For your more confidence in the feet when you climb, buy several Butora Acro climbing models.

Evolv Shaman

Closure: Velcro

Upper: Synthetic

Downturn: Aggressive

The Evolv Shaman’s redesign has secured its spot out of the best rock climbing footwear on the market. It has an improved fit, one inset front strap for enhanced medial side toe scumming, as well as added rubber for your toe hooking. It has one downturn shape with one roomy box toe and toe rands with different levels of thickness to better the durability. The amazing hook-and-loop straps allow your feet to meet the shoe arch, enabling the improved fit. Plus, the synthetic suede uppers of the shoe are quick-drying as well as helping to resist stretch. No matter what your thoughts are on the previous model, this redesigned Evolv Shaman climbing model is easy to like.

La Sportiva Genius

Closure: Lace

Upper: Leather/synthetic

Downturn: Aggressive

These top of the line footwear units are the most excellent indoor rock climbing shoes.