Things to Look for in Climbing Shoes (part 7)

9. Reviews of Best Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Genius

Notwithstanding where the rocks are, this footwear will enable you to get as high as you need to go. Weighing just 15.52 ounces, the inventive construction offers unrivaled edging performance on account of the No-Edge™ innovation. Besides, the P3® innovation gives a remarkable capacity to the soles. The uppers are produced using microfiber/softened leather. Also, its lace-up closure implies the shoes fit well on a wide range of feet. Indeed, even one climb in these models will give you why the La Sportiva Genius climbing shoes have got raving feedback.

Tenaya Masai Cat Feet Climbing Footwear – by Tenaya

Closure: Lace

Upper: Synthetic

Downturn: Moderate

In the event that your trips regularly include you changing movements or get you as often as possible standing on shallow pockets or the micro-edge, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to purchase the Tenaya Masai shoes. Experienced climbers love these shoes due to their perfect mix of solidness and sensitivity. You’ll have extraordinary toe power for edging while keeping up the feel of the rock as well as responsiveness. These are incredible all-around shoes, particularly in the event that you now and again sport or trad climb. Despite the fact that the Tenaya Masai’s aren’t inexpensive climbing shoes, they’re more than worth your investment.

La Sportiva OTAKI Climbing Shoe – by La Sportiva 

Closure: Velcro

Upper: Leather/synthetic

Downturn: Moderate

The La Sportiva Otaki climbing shoes include a P3® protected innovation, which will help you perform on specialized climbs, including small holds and overhangs. Also, the product’s hook-and-loop straps will make getting the shoes on and off straightforward while the downturned shape, as well as sticky soles, allow you to attack precarious routes like an expert. To help avoid stretching, the uppers have the synthetic lining.