Top 10 easiest climbing mountains in the world (part 1)

Tori James – the youngest British woman to conquer Everest, during her journey to conquer the mountains, she has gained a lot of experience and said a list of the 10 easiest and safest mountains in the world. gender.

The volcano that I mentioned just now is the Volcano Cartagena peak in this crater that has a mud bath service at an altitude of 15.5 meters, the quality of mud that is capable of panacea, good treatment for your health.

1. Garth Hill, Gwaelod-y-Garth, Cardiff

This hill is 307 meters above sea level, I conquered this hill in early August last year.

This hill became famous when it appeared in the cult film in the UK Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down.

The director of this movie is also my close friend.

Right at the foot of this hill is a great restaurant and bar that offers relaxation and relaxation for hikers. When standing on the highest peak in the hill, you will have a spectacular view of the territory of Cardiff.

2. Aran Fawddwy, Snowdonia National Park, Wales

Mount Aran Fawddwy has a height of 905 meters, is the highest mountain in Arans, southeast Snowdownia. The mountain offers magnificent views with fog, clouds touching the top of the mountain, rugged cliffs and picturesque green vegetation.

3. Mount Ben MacDui, Cairngorms, Scotland

Mount Ben MacDui is the second highest mountain in the UK with a height of 1309 meters, located in the center of the Cairngorm mountain range, Ben MacDui offers great views, I conquered it in June this year. This mountain is often the venue for large and medium scale climbing competitions.

Scotland’s North Coast 500 has just been named one of the six most beautiful coastal routes in the world

The road longer than 800 kilometers called the North Coast 500 or NC500 has just been opened to traffic two months ago but has been honored as one of the six most beautiful coastal roads in the world.

4. Tatra Mountains, Poland

Tatra Mountains in the winter is a famous ski area, located in the town of Zakopane, southern Poland, famous for its wild meadow meadows, and a spectacular blue lake below the valley, the mountain has a degree of 1987 meters high. And it takes about 3 hours to conquer, called the fastest and most professional climbing.